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**As of March 2023 remaining enrollment availability for the 2023-2024 school year:

2 year old's class- 4 seats available (19-24 months of age in August)

3 year old's class- 3 seats available (24-35 months of age in August)

Pre-K - 4 seats available (4 years old as of August)

2nd grade – 3 seats available

3rd/4th grade –  5 seats available

5th/6th grade- 6 seats available

**Waitlists now available for closed classes! (turn in enrollment packet and $25 application fee to secure waitlist spot)**

Congrats to all of our WHA Potty Campers
Admissions requirements apply to all children from age 1 through 6th grade. 
The following documentation will be required prior to start of class:
  • Enrollment form
  • Birth Certificate
  •  Immunization & Health Records (including school physical and physician statement)
  • TB Questionnaire
  • Report Cards/Transcript/Records from last school attended (If Applicable)
  • Valid Identification of Parent/Guardian enrolling the student
  • Allergy Form
  • Parent handbook acknowledgement


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