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Dear Parents and Community,


Welcome to Western Hills Academy. Our school offers your child a strong, enriched academic program during the most critical time of development, the preschool and elementary school years. Our staff believes in engaging children in a challenging academic environment where we can nurture individual differences while developing each student to their full academic, intellectual and creative potential. Our educational program provides instruction for children from 1 year thru 6th grade.


Our small class sizes provide opportunities for one-on-one interactions. The Saxon curriculum is used for reading and math with a focus on phonics. The Abeka curriculum is offered to our elementary school grades as well as a Bible class to enhance learning ethics, civics, community service, and value systems. We do not offer a religion class but, we have a non-denominational chapel service once a week. We offer tutoring to students who need additional instruction in reading, math, and writing. In addition, our students are exposed to coursework in technology, music, and physical education. 


One of the most important aspects of education is building healthy, solid relationships with our students, parents and community. We are here to serve our community and we hope you will consider our school when choosing an educational path for your child.

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